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                the girl on the left - I remember where I was in my head!

I remember

This was the day of my oldest son’s high school graduation! I was super excited to celebrate such a milestone but was DREADING picture time afterward. I remember looking for a dress to wear that I KNEW would be in my forever picture album,  no pressure but moms, you KNOW what I’m talking about!


I would tell myself who cares what you look like in pictures. I loved my family and I was a confident person in general, so what I was a bit heavier - it doesn’t define my worth or beauty! EXCEPT that, there was ALOT going on inside the mind, body, and soul of the “me” on the right - I had just pushed a lot down because I didn’t know HOW to handle things. And as much as I loved my life and family there was some health I ultimately was missing too, I just wasn’t sure how to find it!


Then I remember after graduation SEEING the picture and thought - wow, I’m heavier than I thought and I realized THAT MY BODY WAS HEARING EVERYTHING MY MIND WAS SAYING!! Didn’t matter what I projected or what I believed about your beauty not coming from a number on a scale - my body was manifesting my emotional and mental health!


That very week after the graduation picture, I started seeing a counselor, started taking care of ME. It wasn’t until a year later that I decided to give this new wellness plan a try - I was terrified of being disappointed again!! I was worried that I would be judged by people if I failed... fast forward 6 months later of committing to daily small Habits of Health and a PLAN and I was SHOCKED 60lbs came off!


Like the thought that I was always only like 6 months away from a different reality was sobering!!! Just think how close YOU may be to a different reality?? Now, I am here to say that I started with my emotional health FIRST. Everyone’s journey is different - but I needed to address the negative fear-based mindset the girl on the right was living in!!! Success in my physical health gave me a backdrop to keep pursuing the positive mindset I live in today.


Literally - I cannot stress this enough - your spirit, soul, and body are all connected - you HAVE to address optimal health and wellness to feel whole! It doesn’t all happen at the same time! It’s not always easy! And like the laundry, your health is never “done”!!


THIS is why I’m so passionate about partnering with people in their health!! Because I know first hand the dramatic changes it can have on your life!! Way more than weight or a scale!!! But sometimes that’s a place to start!! That “me” on the right deserves so much more - but I was the only one in charge of her!!!


Today I am grateful To say infinitely more healthy body/soul/spirit than I was then!! And even looking at the “me” on the left - 60 lbs lighter, i was so invigorated by the newness of feeling FREEDOM!!! But I’m not “done”!! Three years later, I’m moving forward - I have new goals - not weight loss goals - but other health goals!!


Don’t be afraid to start!! Don’t be afraid to say YES!! I promise there is so much on the other side of being STUCK!! So much life!! Let’s do it together - are you ready?

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