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Feeding the Content Machine using bite-sized content.

Your brand is alive and well so your content should be also. Gone are the days where you create the website, get everything perfect and then high five yourself, walk away and never revisit your content. You are a creator and will be in creation mode on a regular basis. This brings life, energy and relevancy to your brand’s message and identity. Nothing like going to the site of your favorite brand and quickly realizing they haven’t added any new content in a week.

What? You have nothing for me - sad.

It almost gives off the vibe they are closed or nothing new is going on. So in order to level up and stand out, your brand must create daily l content.

Now there are two types of content - static and consumable/ permanent and temporary. Your permanent content is the basics of your brand like your values, your tagline, your bio. This content will not change often however every 6 months or so I would set a calendar reminder to take a look at any permanent content and see if it still represents your brand and the current direction your brand is headed.

Your posts focus or general topics should also be permanent. Using 4-6 main topics you want to rotate content for should remain permanent until you make the conscious choice to change.

Temporary content is daily, weekly consumable content that constantly reinforces your brand identity and what your audience wants and needs to hear from you. It is consistent and small. You digest it easily and then forget about it.

You don’t want to spend hours and hours creating temporary content. It is not necessarily designed to change your life in one post or even be “remembered”. Instead your overall brand, message and relevance to your audience is what is being remembered, thanks to daily temporary content.

Think of this temporary content as a drive thru skinny mocha latte venti at Starbucks.

You may drive thru and grab one every single day (or twice a day, who’s counting?) You love it, it brings you joy, it is familiar and then you move on with your day. Sometimes you meet a friend to enjoy this “content”, sometimes you grab this “content” while browsing the Target aisles - the point is you consume it at different times, places and for different reasons, but you always come back. Bite sized (or venti sized) glimpses into your brand.

This is how you think about your temporary content.

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