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Fear masquerades behind self protection. Read that again.

It’s like that friend who tells you what everyone is saying behind your back, even though it’s really hurtful. You start to see the “friend” of fear as a faithful protector. But it is not a true friend, it really just wants to feel needed. It really isn’t “protecting” you at all! In fact it is keeping you small and limited.

For most of us, fear is only real in the mind. We are not talking fear in the face of actual physical danger. There is no snake coiled by your laptop getting ready to strike while you work. At least, I sure hope not. We are talking about overcoming fear that lives in your mind. The kind of low level frequency that creates the following three distinct scenarios: S.O.S.

STOP - a desire towards pulling back and stopping activity

OVERTHINK - tendency to overthink and stay in the mental land of “what-if’s” or

SELF SABOTAGE - react impulsively and often with self-sabotaging behavior

So kinda like that “friend” who you think you need to keep you in the know, that friend who thrives in drama and seems very important and there for you until all is happy and well and they become flaky? Yeah, that’s fear!

Whether it is your business, your relationships, or even your health, the fears we face have to do more with our sense of self, or more specifically our ego. You know, the way we want to present to the world.

Fear lives in the place between who we “want” to be seen as and who we think we are currently being seen as.

This can be a HUGE obstacle when building your personal brand.

The problem with this is it takes up so much mental real estate that we come up short on energy needed to move forward in an area of our life and stay in this mental fear cycle that is literally draining the life out of you.

Like you are literally spending so much energy on the fear, you cannot create what you actually desire. You are draining your mental “savings account” and almost gambling on fear being right!!! Think about what you could be doing if you free up that mental currency?? Think what you could be spending it on?

Want to know what to do when you feel that familiar feeling of fear rising in your chest? Do you want to break up with that familiar and so-called-normal flaky friend “fear”? I believe in you - you can do this!

You can make a new friend - hope.

Hope will never be flaky on you or bail or try to self protect. In fact, it may take you awhile to even trust hope. I dare you to start trusting hope, lean into her. Give yourself permission to FEEL hopeful.

In your business, this may look like noticing your thoughts and what emotions and feelings come up for you when procrastinating. Usually it's not "the thing" you are procrastinating but what you BELIEVE about "the thing". It may look like a present tagline or story pitch with a future alignment.

Hope doesn't say "fake it til you make it", she whispers "Speak it while you become it".

What are your thoughts on hope?

How does "hope" inspire your brand and vision?

Where can you lean into it while building your brand?

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