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Selling the brand of YOU.

It seems the most common concern of the modern day network marketer is “I don’t want to come across salesy”.

I understand this concern as I have grappled with this same thing myself. I have a solution that works every time. Are you ready? Don’t come across salesy. I am not joking, if you do not want to be “salesy”, then don’t be. It is really simple. Be authentically, unapologetically YOU. I would also say when you are selling - be obvious about it and be salesy.

The bigger question here is then how do you want to come across?

You are an entrepreneur. You have a brand or business. How do you want to come across? I have learned, I can be clear who I am while not being pushy IF I am clear who I am.

I am not trying to be cheeky. (ok, well....maybe a little.)

Sometimes this “kinda salesy” concern pops up for service-based entrepreneurs. Why? Because the VALUE or SERVICE is YOU versus a brand or company whose value is a tangible product.

With online presence and your brand being YOU - the lines have blurred when you are just YOU and when you are advertising your brands products or services. Here is the deal - it is up to you to make that distinction.

Are you clear on the brand of YOU? Once you have this clarity you will see the "salesy fear" disappear.

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