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What are Strategy Sessions?

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My work tends to focus on your brands VISIBILITY, VOICE and VIBE.

I help people create aligned and compelling strategic plans for moving their vision forward.


Here are some of the possible outcomes people will hire me as a strategist:

  • Personal Brand Story + Brand Messaging

Defining the story of YOUR vision and brand, message

clarity, tagline, brand pillars, content prompts

  • Vision Mapping + Visual Branding of Vision

Creating a strategic timeline for your vision, next steps

and the visuals/creative assets you need to get there

  • Strategic Systems and Resource Mapping

communication optimization & management needs, and

internal process creation for the growing brand


  • Strategy for Brand Styling

strategic plan and implementation for ongoing

brand styling, optimizing resources 


Personal brands, businesses, non-profit all carry a VISION .

Now it must be seen and shared.


Seeing a clearly branded and well communicated vision becoming a reality is the goal.

The cost of strategy sessions can vary greatly based on desired outcome. Some clients need a few

sessions and others prefer working together for months.  

Please answer a few questions below and I'll reach out to setup a time to chat.

I'll be reaching out to you via email soon!

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