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My mission is to empower moms to embrace and thrive in every season.

                   resources, strategies, and reminder that it is going to be ok and that you can be the mom you want to be for this current season of your life.

You need

When you are resourced and empowered, you show up for your families as your best self. Their mental, physical and spiritual health begin to thrive and they enjoy peace and a clearer vision of their purpose. 


From diapers and carpool to college planning and empty-nesting, every season of your mom life carries incredible value and legacy disguised in the mundane of everyday life. Let’s make the shift from “ a-just-surviving mom” to “a healthy-and-thriving” mom.


YOU were hand-picked by God to be the mom your children have. Forget any mom mistakes of yesterday. You do not have to wait another day to start thriving! Your time to show up as your best self starts now.

Less procrastinating and more action.

Ditch mom guilt and embrace clarity.

Master your mindset and interrupt negative self talk. 

Less anxiety and more confidence.

Better energy and improved health.

Powerful prayers and faith-filled Spirit life.


Let’s find your power. 


Let’s get your mom-mojo back - body, soul and spirit!

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Where I work with moms 1:1 to embrace and thrive in every season.

Reinventing the Restart


Elevate Your Health

Where I help people take control and pivot towards a life of health freedom.



I’m Rebekah, mom of five and unofficial Queen of Reinventing the Restart! I always see possibility even when facing the impossible and I believe in giving my energy to the solution instead of the problem!

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