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Hi, I'm

Rebekah Tozer

Mom of five and unofficial Queen of Reinventing the Restart!

I always see possibility even when facing the impossible and I believe in giving my energy to the solution instead of the problem!

From Small Business and Non-Profit Agency, Network Marketing Business Owner, Communications and Social Media Manager, Family Pastor, Women Empowerment Speaker, Portrait Photographer, Moms+Camera Instructor, College Prep Coach, Health Coach, and Mental Health Advocate.


One thing I know with one hundred percent certainty from my many mom seasons, THEY CHANGE! Being able to embrace and thrive in the restart is one of the only things that remains the same as a mom and I have a track record of coming alongside moms and resourcing them to thrive in whatever season they find themself in.  


Listen, Mama, I know what you are going through and I am here to help! How? Because I have been you! In fact, I am you! I have been a working mom, a single mom, a step-mom, a stay at home mom, and a self-employed mom just to name a few. I have had shining moments of mom glory and moments of complete overwhelm. What I wouldn’t have given to have a mom coach come alongside me and help me focus on the current season instead of white-knuckling it, squeezing my eyes shut, and hoping like crazy the next season will be better.


Let’s embrace the season you are in and thrive.

I am obsessed with good food and one of my superpowers is feeding a large crowd with ease! My kids all have their favorite requests when they return home. Some of my favorite cherished memories have been around a table sharing a meal. Real plates, optional! One day I plan to write a cookbook with all my childhood faves along with all my kids faves so that I can pass on the traditions!


I love to shop. Give me a Starbucks and an open day and I will find myself lost in browsing and shopping, especially home goods stores! I kinda have a thing for chairs and rugs.